The Nature is Bike festival will host the second episode of the Gravel Earth Series
The 200-kilometer track with timed sections has received Earth 2 status

Nature is Bike is the gravel cycling and adventure up festival of reference in France and one of the most important in Europe. This is the setting for the second chapter of the Gravel Earth Series. After awarding the first points in The Traka, three distances were scoring in Girona, the circuit travels to Angers. This town will become the gravel capital on the weekend of 17TH and 18th June for the third consecutive year. Within its varied and extensive program with a total of seven events, the Race200 is the distance chosen by Klassmark to be part of the Gravel Earth Series. This track of 201 kilometers with 1550 meters of positive gain has been classified as Earth 2.

It’s worth recalling that the different challenges adhered to the Gravel Earth Series are classified by categories according to their difficulty, mileage and prestige. There are three ranks, Earth 1, Earth 2 and Earth 3, plus an Earth Final that gives an extra score with the label Earth 5. The final classification will take into account the two best scores plus the result of the grand final to be held in the province of Barcelona, specifically in the town of Cardona on the weekend of 16th and 17th September. France is ready to distribute a good haul of points that can be important for the development of the competition.

The Race200 of Nature is Bike is a race with personality. It is a semi-autonomous challenge that includes timed special sections and untimed liaison sections. The sum of the timed sections will determine the final classification. An ideal adventure to share with friends and grit your teeth at key moments. The Race200 is a mix between endurance and explosiveness; only the most complete bikers will be able to opt for the final glory next Sunday 18th June.

Beyond the competition, Nature is Bike invites gravel lovers to share and experience an unforgettable weekend. For the Gravel Earth Series, the most important are the values of each event. Nature is Bike offers the possibility to reconnect with nature with a good dose of conviviality. Angers is considered the first green city in France. The surrounding territory is the ideal playground for any biker in search of adventures.