20 races and 13 countries make up the calendar of a circuit that will distribute prize money

The Gravel Earth Series has become a major global alternative in the gravel scene

The Gravel Earth Series has broken the rules. With this ambition, Klassmark launched a new international gravel circuit. After a year, their philosophy remains unchanged. Gravel is much more than a competition. It is about respecting the environment, connecting with nature, and sharing experiences with the community. After a successful first edition, the Gravel Earth Series continues to attract enthusiasts with a common goal: to preserve the essence of this sport. The new map includes 20 events in 13 countries, a true revolution determined to uphold the values that make us love gravel. All events in the circuit have been meticulously studied. The result? The best landscapes on the planet to experience gravel at its fullest. Professional athletes will have an added incentive: the prize money that will be distributed at the end of the season.

The number of events has increased, but the competition format remains the same as last year. The final rankings will consider the two highest scores plus the result of the Gravel Earth Final. This system avoids long displacements until the grand finale of the competition. The proximity between events has been crucial in shaping the calendar; the majority of participants can score in two events relatively close to their action area. This fact confirms another pillar of the circuit: environmental commitment and respect. The organization aims to minimize the carbon footprint without giving up a global-scale competition.

The two best scores do not necessarily mean the two best results. In this case, the Gravel Earth Series divides events into two categories depending on prestige and level. The Gravel Earth challenges will award 750 points to the winner of the male, female, and non-binary classifications, while the score for Gravel Earth Global events amounts to 1000 points. The final battle, the Gravel Earth Final, will reward the winners with 1500 points. The agricultural roads of Ponts, in the heart of Catalonia, will crown the new champions. Ranxo Gravel, the new final of the competition, is ready to welcome the best athletes in the world on the weekend of 12 and 13 October. It will be an unprecedented historic event in the gravel world.

Speaking of history, many of the Gravel Earth Global challenges have been pioneers in this sport. The circuit has recruited them for the best of causes. The Traka, the best event in Europe, will provide the opportunity to discover why Girona is the world cycling capital from May 1 to 5. Migration in Kenya proposes a stage challenge, from June 18 to 21, pedaling among wild animals in the Maasai Mara. The circuit crosses the pond for the first time to visit the Oregon Trail; a challenge from June 26 to 30 in the American Cascade Range. The Icelandic highlands governed by the volcanoes of The Rift will once again be protagonists on July 20. Finally, the fifth and last Gravel Earth Global event will be in Finland, specifically in the huge forests of Falling Leaves Lahti.

The Gravel Earth challenges complete a calendar with many possibilities and variables. Countries like the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Mexico, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, or Denmark will also be represented in the series. Each of the selected events has its own format, a commitment to heterogeneity in search of the most complete gravel bikers of the year. In fact, a stage challenge will open the 2024 season. We are talking about Santa Vall, in the territory of Girona, where from February 16 to 18 it will officially present the second edition of the Gravel Earth Series and distribute the first points. Safari Gravel, Tierra de Campos, IG 360, Utopía, Ukiah Mendo Epic, Gritfest, Octopus, Gravel Mexico, Megre, Gravel Weekend, Berslagen, Nordic GRVL Grinder, and Saga Gravel have also joined the biggest and most authentic gravel show on earth.

Everything is ready to raise the curtain on the Gravel Earth Series once again. It will do so in different settings, visiting new continents and countries. In 2024, it will uncover idyllic places and landscapes for the practice of this sport. This is the circuit’s goal. The true triumph is to live and share the best experiences that gravel can offer. Different events under the same flag. A flag that embraces the true values of the sport, and the Gravel Earth Series has decided to wave it proudly to spread them around the world—or, better said, around the Earth.

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