Throughout all these years we have dedicated ourselves to organizing events and traveling around the world to discover the places with the best conditions and most beautiful on Earth.

Today we make a dream come true, uniting some of the most impressive events in the world.

The Gravel Earth Series was born with the aim of driving Gravel to the highest standards.

Respect for the environment, love for the territory and values with a positive impact are the result of the creation of the first Gravel earth.

We are facing a series of events that inspire and transmit Gravel with all its attractions, the best tracks, the best views with different formats, dream routes and lots of parties.

Are you ready to pedal among Lions in Kenya, caress the volcanoes of Iceland, reach an alpine peak with glaciers in the background in Switzerland, pedal through the best gravels and lakes in Sweden, pedal through the natural parks of the Costa Brava and live the atmosphere of Girona or along the banks of the Loria River with its Castles in the French heart.

Welcome to The Gravel Earth Series.