The GES ranking will consider the top two scores from the Gravel Earth Series, plus the final score from the Gravel Earth Final, the grand final of the circuit.

      • * When we talk about the two best scores, we refer to the two events in which the biker has achieved a higher number of points. Each event awards a greater or lesser number of points depending on its prestige. For that reason, the best scores won’t always be the best results during the year.

The Gravel Earth Series rates the challenges adhered according to the prestige and level of the event. There are two categories. The fastest biker of each ranking receives 750 in the Gravel Earth challenges and 1.000 points in the Gravel Earth Global events.

      • – GRAVEL EARTH: 750 points
      • – GRAVEL EARTH GLOBAL: 1000 points

The Gravel Earth Final is a higher category, awarding more points. The fastest biker of each ranking receives 1500 points.

      • – GRAVEL EARTH FINAL: 1500 points

For more information about the ranking system, check the format and rules page.