The Migration Gravel Race will be the second Global event of the Gravel Earth Series season

During four stages, participants will coexist with the wild fauna of the Maasai Mara National Reserve

In the land of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, where wildlife roams freely, 200 gravel bikers of 35 nationalities from all over the world will gather to live a unique adventure: the Migration Gravel Race. This event is one of the pillars of the Gravel Earth Series. It will be the second Global event of the season after La Traka; the seal that distinguishes the most important and prestigious races of the year. However, Migration is not just a race; it is a celebration of the human spirit, the natural environment and the vibrant culture of the Maasai community. All participants, from professionals to amateurs, will share an unrepeatable experience from 18th to 21st June in the heart of Africa.

From the outset, the Migration Gravel Race was imbued with the traditions and hospitality of the Maasai people, who graciously welcomed the participants in their ancestral lands. All cyclists will enjoy these emblematic landscapes. A collaboration that allows the Maasai community to showcase their heritage and forge meaningful connections with visitors from afar. They are the essence of this race. So is the Amani project, which offers sporting opportunities to East African cyclists. These connections are bridges of solidarity and mutual understanding, promoting positive change both on and off the track.

After a long transfer to the Masai Mara Nature Reserve, the party will start on Tuesday 17th. The stage one, 140 kilometers with 750 meters of positive gain, is known as the “Shamba Day”. This stage started with a rocky section reminiscent of Paris-Roubaix, followed by traversing through shambas (villages) and encountering strong headwinds in the latter part of the course. The second one, the queen’s stage of 170 kilometers with 2700 meters of positive gain, is like a the TdF climbing stage on gravel. This challenge feature significant climbing, wildlife encounters, and breathtaking views from the escarpment. The third day, 140 kilometers with 1100 meters of positive gain, will be the fastest stage and will offer an ideal gravel conditions for speed while showcasing the abundant wildlife of the savannah. Finally, on Friday 21st will live the ending with the fourth stage of 165 kilometers and 1400 meters of positive gain. The grand finale will take competitors through pristine landscapes, offering sightings of diverse wildlife and a thrilling conclusion under the MGR finishing banner.

Among the courageous competitors who will tackle the Migration Gravel Race, a select few will emerge as true titans of the gravel world. The German Lukas Baum and the North American Amity Rockwell will return to Kenya to try to revalidate the title won last year. Furthermore, a good result in Migration will boost all the favorites in the overall ranking; it should be remembered that the Global events grant an extra score. The final ranking will consider the top two scores from the Gravel Earth Series, plus the final score from the Gravel Earth Final, the grand final of the circuit. There is a lot at stake in Migration.

In the men’s division, Baum will be accompanied by the Italian Mattia de Marchi, third place in 2022, the Ugandan Jördan Schleck, the Belgian Lawrance Naesen, the Rwandan Seth Hakizimana, the Australian Freddy Overt, the American Chad Haga or the Dutsch Hans Becking. They will fight for the glory amidst the rugged beauty of the Mara. In the women’s category, the British Maddy Nutt, second place in 2022, the American Sarah Sturm, the Rwandan Xaverine Nirere, the Ugandan Mary Aleper or the Spanish Anuchi Gago, want to discuss Rockwell’s victory. Anything can happen. Some are more favorites than others, but in a four-day race with 615 kilometers and 5,950 meters of positive gain, many factors come into play.

The start of the Maasai Mara Gravel Race draws near. With each pedal stroke, all bikers will find an opportunity to connect with nature and embrace a new culture. In this journey, they will honor the majesty of the Maasai Mara community. May the Migration Gravel Race serve as a reminder of our capacity to inspire, to come together in community and to preserve the treasures of our natural world. Let the adventure begin!