The Octopus Gravel proposed an innovative format with seven climbs in the Swiss Alps

The British woman and the Spaniard won a new Gravel Earth Series race to add 750 points to their total score

A truly unique gravel event took place in Andermatt, Switzerland, captivating both gravel enthusiasts and mountain lovers. Octopus Gravel, held amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Swiss Alps last Saturday 29th June, was once again part of the Gravel Earth Series calendar. With a very innovative format, the event offered a unique and unrepeatable experience to all lovers of this sport thanks to its scenic track and vibrant festival atmosphere. British Annabel Fischer repeated last year’s victory, while the victory in the men’s category went to the Spanish Asier Irgoyen.

The main event area was creatively imagined as the head and body of an octopus, with each of the seven gravel climbs representing its arms. These climbs were designed as dead-end tracks that led back to the central event area. This innovative format allowed participants to rest, refuel with food and drinks and enjoy live music before embarking on the next challenging segment.

The participants could choose the order of the segments and set his own schedule, within the allowed limits. Each successfully completed climb earned them a stamp, with the full course encompassing a maximum distance of 155 kilometers and an impressive vertical gain of 4450 meters. However, the final ranking took into account only four timed climbs, each ranging between four and six kilometers. These timed segments added a special race dynamic to the event and contributed points towards the Gravel Earth Series. The winners returned from Switzerland with 750 points. Annabel Fisher was accompanied on the podium by the Polish Karolina Migon and the British Hayley Simmonds. On the men’s side, Asier Irgoyen was joined by the American Chad Haga and the French Julian Lino.

The track was meticulously marked with GPS and arrows, ensuring that participants could navigate the course with ease. Whether they were seasoned gravel riders or mountain enthusiasts seeking a new adventure, Octopus Gravel in Andermatt offered the perfect opportunity to test their limits while enjoying a sense of community. For those who participated, it was an experience not to be missed.