The French and the American were the fastest in the 240 kilometers through the heart of Mexico

Gravel Earth Series visited Mexico for the first time to share a spectacular event

The Gravel Earth Series continued its particular route through the American continent to visit Mexico. A new opportunity to continue climbing positions in the overall ranking, especially for cyclists from this part of the globe. However, it was the French Hugo Drechou who took the 750 points together with the American Hannah Shell. They were both delighted to add their names to the list of winners of the Gravel México.

The city of San Luis Potosí witnessed an exhilarating start to the Gravel México race at the break of dawn on Saturday 6th July 6. The race began at 6:30 AM, setting the stage for an epic 240 kilometers with 1700 meters of positive gain. Participants embarked on a challenging course through one of the world’s most remote gravel racing track that ended at the Refugio de Coronados, in the municipality of Catorce. This route is known for its rugged terrain and stunning landscapes and tested the endurance and skill of all bikers.

Hugo Drechou’s great skill catapulted him to victory. Nobody could beat the French’s time of 7h23m22s. Six minutes behind, the Colombian Brayan Chaves crossed the finish line, while Flavio de Luna became the best Mexican to close the podium. On the women’s side, the American Hanna Shell beat the British Maddy Nutt. Shell completed the race with a time of 8h23m06s, beating Nutt by more than thirteen minutes. Another of the leading athletes of the Gravel Earth Series, the French Axelle Dubau-Prévot, closed the podium of the best.

Beyond the competition, Gravel México provided a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in Mexican culture, enjoying the local people, cuisine, beer, and mezcal. The organizers emphasized the race’s goal of fostering regional development while preserving the area’s authentic charm. They aimed to promote and integrate sustainable sports tourism, ensuring that the event benefited the local community without compromising the environment or the cultural heritage.

Gravel México 2024 has successfully showcased the allure of gravel racing and the beauty of Mexico, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated and attended. The Gravel Earth Series will surely visit this country again.