The Gravel Earth Series visited the African continent on its second stop

Safari Gravel proposed a trip through the Kerio Vally and the best gravel roads Kenya

The Gravel Earth Series doesn’t stop. After the successful inauguration in La Santa Vall ( Spain), Kenya took the baton to host the second round of the circuit. The Safari Gravel proposed a challenge of 120 kilometers across the Kerio Valley, featuring both fast and technical descents and meandering ascents on some of the best gravel roads Kenya has to offer. Participants challenged long climbs and a  high altitude throughout the race. This demanding course not only tested the endurance of participants but also rewarded them with stunning views of the valley, making the Rift Valley Gravel Race a memorable and formidable event.

Organized by Amani Project, the event aims to promote cycling as a sport and position Kenya as a premier cycling destination. The race received the catolagation of Gravel Earth category and the winners, Rwandan Seth Hakizimana and Xaverine Nirere, received 750 points to take first place overall, tied with Czech Petr Vakoc and South African Ashleigh Moolman, winners of La Santa Vall, in the men’s and women’s standings respectively. We must remember that the overall ranking takes into account the two best scores of the year plus the result of the Earth Final, the grand finale of the circuit.

The Kenyan race featured the best cyclists from the African continent. Among the men, Rwanda’s Seth Hakizimana won in 5h15m04s ahead of Kenyans Brian Kipkemboi and Geoffrey Langat. On the women’s side, the fastest was Rwanda’s Xaverine Nirere with a time of 6h33m06s. Her partners on the podium were the Kenyans Monica Jelimo and Julia Alice Miringu.

The Gravel Earth Series returns to Spain, specifically in Zamora. This province is the scenario of Tierra de Campos the weekend of April 12-14, a stage challenge that will award 750 points to the winners. The party has just begun.

1. Seth Hakizimana (RWA) / Team Amani – 5h15m04s
2. Brian Kipkemboi (KEN) / Black Mambas – 5h18m41s
3. Geoffrey Langat (KEN) / Black Mambas – 5h23m27s
4. Ndungu Kieya (KEN) / Tean Anani – 5h23m33s
5. Ssempjja Azizi (UGA) / BK Supra Cycling– 5h24m27s

1. Xaverine Nirere (RWA) / Team Amani – 6h33m06s
2. Monica Jelimo (KEN) / Kenyan Riders – 6h44m52s
3. Julia Alice Miringu (KEN) / Ariya Finergy SolarVortex– 7h01m10s
4. Mary Aleper (UGA) / Black Mambas – 7h06m23s
5. Ashley Margaret / Ariya Finergy SolarVortex – 7h21m31s