Piotr Havik and Axelle Dubau-Prévot, Lords of Tierra de Campos

The Dutch and the French were the best throughout three stages of pure gravel

Seth Hakizamana and Xaverine Nirere return to Rwanda as leaders of the Gravel Earth Series

Nothing and no one can stop the Gravel Earth Series. After visiting the African continent, specifically the Kenyan nation, the circuit returned to Spain to enjoy the best gravel cycling in the world for four exciting weeks. A dream month that will close with The Traka; the first Global event of the year is one of the main goals of the season. However, before arriving in Girona, the best cyclists of the championship will travel through Spanish territory in search of the best gravel paths. An expedition that began on the weekend of April 12-14 in Zamora, where the villages of Villalpando and Villamayor de Campos hosted the three stages of the second edition of the Gravel Ibereólica Tierra de Campos. Long stretches of gravel awaited all participants. Among them, the Dutch Piotr Havik and the French Axelle Dubau-Prévot, the new landowners of the area.

The adventure began on Friday, April 12 with a 19-kilometer prologue with 100 meters of positive gain. One by one, the two hundred registered participants took to the stage to pedal for the first time. The fastest were Australian Nathan Haas, who would abandon due to an eye problem, and Annabel Fisher. The British rider would maintain her honor position to finish the weekend in second place. However, Saturday, April 13 was the most decisive day. It was time for the queen stage where Dutchman Piotr Havik and Frenchwoman Axelle Dubau-Prévot were the fastest over the 174 kilometers with 1000 meters of positive gain. A victory that would lead to the final triumph on Sunday. The third and final stage on April 14 presented a track of 77 kilometers with 600 meters of positive gain where two segments would be timed. Dubau-Prévot would repeat victory to consolidate herself as the new queen of the Gravel Ibereólica Tierra de Campos. In the men’s category, Havik’s second position was enough to keep his main pursuers at bay and climb to the top of the podium. On this occasion, the stage victory went to Norwegian Simen Nordahl Svendsen, that finished in fourth position overall.

Pitor Havik was accompanied on the final podium by the Frenchman Brunel Alexys and the Canadian Benjamin Perry. However, another standout name from the Gravel Ibereólica Tierra de Campos was Seth Hakizimana. The Rwandan, winner of the Safari Gravel in Kenya, closed the weekend in sixth position. These results placed him at the top of the overall ranking of the Gravel Earth Series. The same story unfolded in the women’s category. Axelle Dubau-Prévot was flanked in the podium picture by the British Annabel Fisher and the German Svenja Betz, but the new leader of the competition is the Rwandan Xaverine Nirere. Following the script of her teammate, she finished the Gravel Ibereólica Tierra de Campos in sixth place, but her victory in Africa positions her as the leader of the Gravel Earth Series. It is necessary to remember that the overall ranking of the circuit takes into account the sum of the two best scores of the year plus the result of the Gravel Earth Final. Everything could change on April 20th. It’s time for IG’360 in Alicante.

1. Piotr Havik (NED) / Classified x Ridley Factory Team – 6h42m56s
2. Brunel Alexys (FRA) / Groove Gravel – 6h44m59s
3. Benjamin Perry (CAN) / Groove Gravel – 6h46m04s
4. Simen Nordahl Svendsen (NOR) / PAS Racing Team – 6h49m13s
5. Álvaro Lobato (ESP) – 7h01m45s

1. Axelle Dubau-Prévot (FRA) / Groove Gravel – 7h35m52s
2. Annabel Fisher (GBR) / Classified Factory Team – 7h37m09s
3. Svenja Betz (GER) / Reverb Cycling– 7h50m56s
4. Elisa Caldas (ESP) / UPV Womens Cycling Team – 8h01m57s
5. Anuchi Gago (ESP) / Reverb Cylging– 8h26m25

1. Seth Hakizimana (RWS) / Team Amani – 1296 pt
2. Piotr Havik (NED) / Classified x Ridley Factory Team – 1122 pt
3. Brunel Alexys (FRA) / Groove Gravel – 1020 pt
4. Ndungu Kieya (KEN) / Team Amani – 1020 pt
5. Benjamin Perry (CAN) / Groove Gravel – 972 pt

1. Xaverine Nirere (RWA) / Team Amani – 1296 pt
2. Svenja Betz (GER) / Reverb Cycling – 1140 pt
3. Annabel Fisher(GBR) / Classified Factory Team– 1050 pt
4. Axelle Dubau-Prévot (FRA) / Groove Gravel – 750 pt
5. Ashleigh Moolman (RSA) / AG Insurance Soudal– 750 pt