The Girona event will once again be the great flag of the Gravel Earth Series

Since it saw the light of day in 2019, The Traka has been a symbol and flag for the growth of gravel. What started with the gathering of a hundred visionaries under the leadership of Klassmark has evolved into a global phenomenon. The Traka’s numbers doubled year after year exponentially, making Girona the epicenter of European gravel. Nothing could stop the explosion of a cycling modality that had arrived, not only to stay, but to enjoy this sport in another dimension: in contact with nature, among friends and with the utmost respect for the natural environment that surrounds us. And here we are, impatient to experience the best gravel week of the year. The city of Girona is ready to welcome athletes of 77 nationalities. Cyclists from all over the world, but who share the same passion and vision of gravel. All of them, without exception, will be protagonists from 1 to 5 May 2024. The sixth edition of The Traka is about to become a reality.

Registrations for The Traka sold out weeks ago. The whole community wanted to be part of one of the international reference events. Its numbers and philosophy support it. In addition, the event continues to be one of the mainstays of the Gravel Earth Seriesth, the international circuit that revolutionized the paradigm. Klassmark, the architects of the project, brought together the most genuine and inspiring events on the earth to preserve the essence and values of gravel. The map of the second edition is made up of 20 events in 13 countries. Among them, a select group of five events that have been listed as Gravel Earth Global for their prestige, level of participation and community impact. The Traka couldn’t fit the description better. After five episodes, the first big challenge of the season will arrive. The glory of The Traka is unlike any other.

Mattia de Marchi and Amity Rockwell repeat experience in The Traka 360K iconic distance

Two of the five proposals of The Traka will be eligible for the Gravel Earth Series. Among them, the most iconic course to date. The Traka 360K has become the challenge par excellence in the last editions. A route of 353,5 kilometers with 3.700 meters of positive gain that draws a circumference through the counties of Girona and discovers the most fascinating places of the territory. The organization, in constant evolution, has slightly modified the track and is expected to be faster than previous editions. The challenge will start on Friday 3 May at six in the morning and the participants will have 32 hours to overcome the challenge. Among them is Mattia de Marchi, reigning Gravel Earth Series champion. The Italian is the undisputed king of the event and will take the start with the intention of achieving the fourth consecutive crown in four editions. The American Amity Rockwell will also defend her legacy.

After De Marchi, last year’s finish line was crossed by the Danish Tobias Morch Kongstad, the Dutchman Diederik Deelen and the Swiss Nils Correvon. They will return to La Traka with a strong group of contenders including the Americans Peter Stetina and Chad Haga, the Norwegian Simen Nordahl Svendsen, the British Sam Andrews, the Spanish David Lozano and the Australian Freddy Ovett. In the women’s field, Rockwell will also have the support of her pursuers in 2023. We are talking about her compatriot Sarah Sturm, the Irish Emma Porter or the British Maddy Nutt. The party will be joined by cyclists who are being more than protagonists during the first part of the season as the Dutch Geerike Schreurs, the French Axelle Dubau-Prevot, the German Svenja Betz or the Polish Karolina Migon. Not forgetting names like the Italian Danielle Shrosbree or the Danish Luise Valentin.

The Germans Paul Voss and Carolin Schiff will be more than accompanied at the start of The Traka 200K

On Saturday 4 May, from seven in the morning, while some of the brave bikers of the 360K track are still looking for the goal, the cyclists of The Traka 200K will get into action. A challenge of 196 kilometers with 2.500 meters of positive gain where participants will discover why Girona is considered a gravel paradise. This is the most crowded distance of the week and where most of the dreams of The Traka have been deposited. Each person disembarks with their own story, ambition and goal. Many of them repeat experience, as in the case of Paul Voss and Carolin Schiff. The German duo wants to be the fastest again.

The level of participation is absolutely insane. In the men’s field, next to Voss, the list of candidates is endless. On the numbering list are the Czech Petr Vakoc, the Australian Nathan Haas, the Germans Lukas Baum and Georg Egger, the American Howard Grotts, the Dutchmen Piotr Havik and Jasper Ockeloen, the Danish Asbjorn Hellemose, the French Hugo Drechou, the Portuguese Tiago Ferreira, the Spanish Carlos Verona and Daniel Moreno, the Canadian Benjamin Perry or the Rwandan Seth Hakizimana. On the women’s side the names are also illustrious. Schiff will ride alongside the American Morgan Aguirre, the Danish Klara Sofie Skovgard, the Spanish Clàudia Galicia, the Rwandan Xaverine Nirere, the German Rosa Maria Kloser or, of course, Annabel Fisher, current champion of the Gravel Earth Series.

The first Gravel Earth Global event of the year is here. The Traka is probably the most important challenge of the season, but it is also the opportunity to share the passion for gravel with the whole community. Cyclists from all over the world will share the same eagerness and desire to live one of the best experiences this sport has to offer. The Traka offers this and much more. It is also the opportunity to get to the heart of the city of Girona to get to know its roots, its culture and its people.